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Yuki Kashiwagi

Yuki Kashiwagi is a member of the Japanese idol group AKB48. She auditioned for AKB48 on December 3, 2006, and is now captain of Team B. Her talent agency is Watanabe Productions.

Other Information

  • Also known as : Yukirin (ゆきりん), 柏木由紀
  • Born : July 15, 1991
  • Origin : Kagoshima prefecture, Japan
  • Genres : J-pop
  • Years active : 2006 – Present
  • Labels : King Records
  • Associated acts : AKB48



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One Comment

  1. kashii.mj says:

    ..yuki is so cute!!!i love her role in majisuka gakuen though she doesn’t have too many screen appearance there..yii

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