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AKB48’s ‘Puccho’ mouth to mouth CM criticized by viewers

The Broadcasting Ethics Program Improvement Organization (BPO) has announced that AKB48’s CM for UHA Mikakuto’s popular soft candy ‘Puccho received criticism from the viewers.

The CM started airing on March 15th, and caused quite a stir as the members of AKB48 shares the candy with one another via mouth-to-mouth. Regarding this CM, BPO received negative comments such as “The children will imitate this,” “It looks like they’re playing with food,” and “Stop making CMs that lack quality. A mouth-to-mouth relay with food is unsanitary and unpleasant.

On BPO’s “Opinions Concerning Young People” section of their homepage, 116 cases out of 196 were opinions regarding AKB48’s ‘Puccho’ CM. A majority of these stated the viewer’s unpleasant feelings towards the mouth-to-mouth relay scene.

The CMs are currently available for viewing on the official website for ‘Puccho×AKB48‘.

Source Image: Cinema Today

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