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AKB48 members reveals their face without makeup

On July 17th, a video that features AKB48 members Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Itano Tomomi, and Minegishi Minami without makeup was unveiled on “AKB48 Nisshi” on the group’s official website. Additionally, on Oshima’s official blog, a photo of Miyazawa Sae without makeup was uploaded, along with the announcement of the video.


On the following day on July 18th, Oshima revealed a boyish photo of Miyazawa with no makeup. She also wrote, “It’s been a while, but AKB48 Nisshi on AKB48’s official website has been updated. All members that appear on it have no makeup on. Please, check it out.” The video was confirmed by AKB48’s official blog, and exposes Oshima, Minegishi, Itano, and Maeda’s innocent faces.

Each of the members say a few words with a lot of energy, but shows a hint of shyness in their smiles. The video displays a different side of the girls in a sense of affinity that is overflowing with charm.

Source + Photo: Cinema Today

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